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Posted by: Onika Maraj Dec 27 2014, 04:26 PM
the groups
A-List Limited. The top dogs. A-listers are well-established in the industry of their trade, some falling underneath the term of legendary, and others are rising stars of this century who have put a mark on the world. Their names are known world wide and have everything handed to them on a platinum platter—fuck silver.

B-List.B-Listers are pretty well-known. They have either had their rise to fame and have taken a step back, or they have made that long trek from the bottom to where they are now. They aren’t the headlines of major movies, or the face on the cover just yet, but people know who they are. They get a silver platter.

C-List. C-Listers are good at what they do, raw talent and they are eager to share it with the world. People know your name, just not your face. Famous, but not as famous as a B-Lister, these are usually the supporting actors or back-up singers, and authors who aren’t in the eye of the public as much.

D-List Starting at the bottom. Fresh talent and ambitious are good qualities to have, but it’s all about who you know and of course, money. Reality TV stars, game shows, whatever their trade, they are the newcomers to the fast world of fame.

Common. The average Joes of Atlanta and New York City who are just living their lives like normal people. They aren't known, and some are family members, partners, or friends of celebs.

Note! Your membergroup is allowed to change as your character develops, and only as they develop. If a C-List is becoming more and more known, they may bump up to B-List, or if A-List starts to lose spotlight, they can dwindle down to B-list. The choice is entirely up to you. Contact a staff member for a change, but remember we have to see development!

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