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Posted by: Onika Maraj Dec 27 2014, 04:26 PM
the rules
01. Register first and last name with proper capitalization instead of all caps. Again it's Jane Doe, not JANE DOE. If you make any errors while making your account, you are allowed to make necessary changes. We understand that your character may get married or divorced, or some other circumstances, but please do not abuse the name changing, darlings!

02.Remember when grabbing the template to register, it doubles as both your application and shipper. Fill them both out completely! Once accepted and sorted, start poking around other shippers. NEVER RESPOND TO YOUR OWN SHIPPER.

03. Face claims can not be under the age of 18. Please know that this is a POC encouraged site, we would love to see an influx of such faces. If you believe you will need more time on your application, make sure to reserve a face! If not, you run the risk of someone using the face you want.

04. You are allowed to bump your wanted ads every two days and your shipper every three days that there is not a response.

05. The only rule we have based on activity, is to stay active. We ask that you make a post once a week, this includes technology threads. Remember that this site has no word count, so even one sentence would count! Keep in mind that if you are not active for at least ten days, your face claim will be removed and another may reserve and claim it.

06. Please, this is the most important rule. Do not bully, do not harass, do not insult. No one here is superior to the other, so please pull your head out of your ass or we will do so for you with a quick ban.

07. Avatars are 250x400 px. Jcink will auto resize them. If you can't find an avatar, feel free to ask the staff members for help!

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